Simple to Fabulous


Create the Perfect Influencer Kit Presentation + Brand Experience

ZHD pulls together the perfect presentation for CPG brands and influencers. Whether it's one of our ready-to-go box styles, complete custom design, or luxury boxes designed to impress. Our design and production team will create the magic and tell the story.

Total Customization
VIP Personalization
Swag Boxes
Beauty Kit Programs
Product Sampling Boxes
Luxury Packaging

Quick Turn-around
Creative Kitting
Mailing Management
Warehouse + Distribution
Tracking + Reporting


Beauty Video Kit with Massive Appeal

When you need more than simple and fabulous make a new best friend.

Pop The Vote On New Fun Flavors

We love creating the next fun thing and even more so when we can transform a typical box mailer into an interactive brand sampling machine. Time to get those toasters Pop’n.

Oversized Refrigerated Mailers with Extra Large Impact

This refrigerated oversized garlic kit amps up the impact along with a custom design and fresh with new frozen product tucked in its integrated cooler.

Don’t Wrestle Over It -
Keep It Simple. Quick. And, Sample Packed.

ZHD creates and design quick-turn simple custom kits that create a dynamic long lasting impression.

Kits with Smile Power

Fresh and fun… :)

Limited Edition Crate Kits

Limited Edition with no limits. When you need a creative crate, we’re a natural.


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