CPG Creative Development + Influencer Marketing Services Agency Partner

CPG by design. Zing + How Design (ZHD) brings together a host of creative industry disciplines. Our focus is taking traditional brand marketing expertise, mixing it with modern day opportunistic demands from the social-scape, and evolving it with a hands-on strategic approach to bring design forward. 

Our unique approach allows us to integrate as a partner in the grand plan. We combine Brand Marketing, PR support, Influencer Creations, Integrated Shopper Program Planning, Experiential and 3D Innovative Design to deliver excitement. 

Influence by nature. ZHD puts its 25 years of expertise and marketing disciplines together to garner top-notch influencer programs and creations. We specialize in an array of influencer services, which are guaranteed to help your marketing campaign through creative storytelling, powerful content, and word-of-mouth promotion. 

We don't stop there. The ZHD influencer team sees it through from concept - design - warehouse - fulfillment - distribution - tracking - and reporting. 

Brands + Agencies alike. ZHD works with brands and their agencies to get the best results. Whether it's jumping in to put out a fire on a hot need or to start on day one - we'll amp it up with super fun and smart ideas and/or creations that take it over-the-top. 




One-Stop-Shop capabilities designed to capture the opportunity ahead.

At Zing How Design it's how we integrate our services that counts. We automatically integrate our creative capabilities - promotional goods with production and logistics, front to back and back to front. We accelerate the “who, what, how," so an opportunity is not wasted or lost. It gives our clients the advantage of one unique resource as a CPG and Agency savvy partner. 


Our creative expertise delivers on everything from shopper marketing program concepts and design to PR support, brand asset development, influencer kit creative, and program development.


From simple micro mailings to uber original creations, the ZHD influencer team will concept, create and see it all the way through. 


Whatever it takes we do it: fulfillment, specialized, creative, and standard fulfillment; distribution; mailings; inventory management; shipping, tracking and reporting. 


Top-notch promotional brand goods + premium branded merchandise is our jam. We've got you covered with fun swag, giveaways, celebrity or corporate gifts, consumer promotions and creative one-of-a-kind creations



We Zing  |  Extra Fun Creations


The Answer to the Question is, "Yes We Can."

We don't rest on our laurels. We have had the pleasure to create hundreds, maybe even thousands of "firsts," and we're always ready for the next challenge. 

Think of us like your S.W.A.T. Team.

At ZHD we are consumer brand creative innovators and design architects. We mix and match our expertise to combine the right balance of services to make anything happen. Our unique approach gets our clients to their goals without the fluff. We are fast to get up to speed and we are on point when it comes time to deliver.

We understand what is needed because we know what our clients expect. We believe in the opportunity of “YES."  We are not “Yes-people.” But we are curators of “YES WE CAN."


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Unusual requests are expected!