Structural Packaging


Feature: Small Batch Beauty - High Impact

We work fast, we work hard, and we work smart to design beautiful packaging at any level.


Quick(er) Turn Kits


Feature: When Timing Matters

Eeeerrrrrrrrrr… Design through distribution. ZHD puts the “quick(er)” in “I needed that yesterday”. We have a suite of quick turn options that look amazing. Self-shippers to luxe kit designs that bring the wow!


Custom Crates

ZHD_custom_Gift_Crates_mediamailers_1 copy.jpg

Feature: Going Beyond the Crate

Trying to source the perfect gift crate can leave you lost and wondering why this isn’t easier. At ZHD, we’ll craft the perfect crate for any product launch, mailer, or display. Always designed for your brands needs. Simple, Premium, Dynamic, Chic, or Rustic… Our personalized and premium touches take it beyond the crate.

ZHD_custom_Gift_Crates_mediamailers_2 copy.jpg

Creatively Covered Customs


Feature: Use What you Have

When it comes to innovation and design, the ZHD team can fabricate unique custom gifts with all the bells and whistles. This includes making magic from just about anything... including the brand packaging and its product. Our design studio is no stranger to a crazy request. And, if you hadn’t noticed we are always up for the ride.


Neon Inspired Light Box Kits & Displays


Feature: Going Beyond Custom Packaging

More Lights - More Camera - More Action. Creating dynamic packaging is super fun. CPG package design and structural packaging innovations are part of our DNA. When it is time for more - Bring the energy to any single focused product launch, beauty display or a full on influencer sampling kit.


Unique Product Dispensers and Vending Machines


Feature: Dispensing Goodness

We won’t miss out on the fun. Zing How Design has been creating super unique vending machines for over a decade. Crafting simple celebrity candy vending machines to developing arcade level custom arm wrestling machines that keep your favorite brew chillin’ until the next level win… We’ll dispensing creative goodness where and whenever we can.


Beauty Mailers


Feature: ZHD Creating Beauty Part 1

Our philosophy on mailers stands true. We like to lead by example and put your best foot forward. It does not mean every mailer has to be the most expensive or the biggest thing ever, but each mailer has to reflect the essence of the product and the potential of the brand so it makes that connection. Beauty products are so personal… and we like to compliment those personal touches in a zingful way. The only way we know how - add some “wow” please.


Game of Phones Throne


Feature: Behind the Scenes Video

Iconic blades, twisted swords, impressive thrones… and phones? Lots and lots of phones. We always stand tall. But in this case, it felt amazing to have a seat.


Go Big


Feature: Boxes That Deliver Big

Nothing better than receiving over 175 lbs of pure Maltesers bliss.  However you package it, sometimes you just have to go big!

Celebrity_Gift_box_product samples.jpg
DSC_9455-Edit copy.jpg