Brand Promotions, Custom Merchandise, Cool Swag, and Fun-Tastic Giveaways

We create and supply top-notch promotional brand goods + premium branded merchandise. We give brands and agencies the best (bang for the buck) on giveaways, celebrity or corporate gifts, influencer kits, cool custom swag, consumer sweepstakes, promotional e-store branded merchandise, and much much more. 

"If we can't source it, or if it doesn't exist - We'll make it".



All The Way Through Distribution

Online e-store or offline Branded Merchandise Inventory Management Programs from start to finish. At Zing How Design we'll develop, inventory, manage, fulfill and ship your company promotional, corporate, and brand merchandise. And, when it's not about one-off cool swag for the latest marketing initiative. We get busy managing and taking care of the detailed logistical needs. 

At Zing How Design we merge practical solutions with creativity on how to make branded merchandise and custom brand good programs smart and efficient. Plus, our logistics team is spot-on, making every request and delivery right on schedule.

Top brands need top quality people and that is why Zing How Design is a leader in branded merchandise solutions.