We Make Production for Promotion.

ZHD is designed to deliver big impact on tight timeframes for CPG brands and Agency partners alike. Bottom line: We make "creative things" happen. Unique ideas and designs, using production techniques reserved for high-end retail level production, drilled down for promotional applications.

We Push the Envelope through an innovative and specialized process designed to meet CPG brand and Agency level requirements. We pull it all together, from creating TV/Photo quality comps, Specialized Influencer Kits, Celebrity and Consumer One-of-a-kind Giveaways, Totally On-Brand Custom Fabricated Props for PR stunts - Events - and Trade Shows. 

Smith & Forge Arm Wrestling Vending Machine

Our Challenge was to initially re-fabricate an existing vintage arm wrestling machine or two (or even three) that revealed or dispensed a Smith & Forge Beer. We soon discovered these machines barely exist and if you can get your hands on one, they are so tired and beat they leave little to be desired. So, we put our engineering team to the test to create our own design, one that did not need to rely on modern electronics to work the core mechanism. And we did! Down to designing, machining, sculpting, and fabricating our own parts. But, we still needed this to feel and play like a game, and also keep and dispense cold beer. When the game play begins, participants try to arm wrestle the machine and as they progress the game readout panel shows them their progress with light level markers, once the needle hits the S&F logo a bell rings and the secret door goes up to reveal a refrigerator with their pick of a cold S&F beer.

Please enjoy the making of Smith & Forge Arm Wrestling Machine 1.
- Joey Buffalo