Joey Buffalo Portuese
zingleader + CCO

Joey, aka "Buffalo", is founder and CEO of zing + how design. An award-winning designer and creative leader with more than 20 years of big agency experience.

His mission is to connect marketing agencies and consumer/B2B brands to a creative suite of exciting and achievable executional options that bring clever ideas to fruition. Such creative and production offerings make Zing + How Design the top choice agency for integrated promotional marketing and design in the industry.

Mr. Portuese relishes the fast paced energy that accompanies an outrageous deadline. He appreciates amazing design and loves to find the big idea that will elevate the agencies/brands efforts in the marketplace.

 Mad Skills include:
- Creating anything crazy, fun or custom
- Themes and Concepts
- Brand / Design Integration
- Taming the chaos of any wild deadline


Meggan Tallon
Agency Director

For Meggan, it is all in the details - start to finish. Big or small Meggan will see it through. Her quick response time and creativity makes everything better. She is also Zing How's number one consumer - keeping up on all the latest retail/consumer outreach. Meggan is the best resource for new and noteworthy, from the latest premiums/giveaways to design forward media. 

Mad Skills include:
- Making it happen
- Design forward
- Influencer and Blogger engagement & mass media mailings



Deborah Craft
Sourcing Liaison / Customization Manager

Deborah never gives up on finding the right solution. Her vast knowledge and experience in sourcing, customization, and production always leads the way. Customization comes in many forms and dialing in the right approach is make or break for any project. Next time you speak to Deborah, ask her about the latest products and innovations, she will be sure to enlighten your latest endeavor. 

Mad Skills include:
- Specialized Production
- Promotional Premiums / Customization
- Project Management